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Glass Bottom Dishes

Why WillCo-dish® glass bottom dishes

The WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes we designed (1996), in response to the optical and environmental needs, created by High
Resolution Live Cell Imaging. Glass bottom containers are a requirement, when using High Numerical Aperture coverslip corrected
objectives. The WillCo-dish® design insures a flat coverslip for optimal imaging. The coverslip is always horizontal and flush with
the warming-stage, which:

  • Provides optimal and equally divided heating of the cells on the bottom of the dish, which is of major importance!
  • Ensures that there are NO optical aberrations, especially in live cell applications
  • Ensures that there is NO lateral shift in Z



Great design!

To keep the glass coverslip bottom flush with the stage-warmer, as well as a flat coverslip bottom, it is essential to have a firm
dish, with a solid wall. Because of these very important issues, the WillCo-dish®es do not have the familiar thin outer steep-walled
shape, of regular 'all plastic'  Petri-dishes. The contrary, they make a firm and robust first impression on the Microscope
Technician. Still, they look fantastic!

'Safe Grip'

When picking up the dish from a warming-stage, you can see why they look so solid; the dish has an integrated outer ring, which
ensures a 'Safe Grip' handling of the dish and your precious live cells. You do not have to worry about the lid, when picking-up the
dish, because it has a smaller diameter than the dish. The outer ring provides a secure grip on the dish and its valuable contents,
your cells.

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