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Bottom Glass D-263
Ref. code HBSB-3522
Size / mm 35x10 mm.
Aperture 22 mm.
Vol / mL 500 mL.
Vents 3 Vents.


POUCH-PACK    :        PA/PE and Tyvek® (DuPont) sleeve;  'Multi unit' packed; 20 dishes per sleeve and
                                         10 sleeves or 200 units per case; STERILE R by Gamma irradiation, 10 kGy minimum.

Other options for delivery of your WillCo-dish®-es in:

BLISTER-PACK   :        PET-G BLUE MED blister with Tyvek® cover;  'Single unit' packed; 4 dishes per blister and
                                          30 blisters of 4 units, 120 Units per case; STERILE R by Gamma irradiation, 10 kGy minimum.

WillCo-dish®KIT*:       “Do-It-Yourself” kit; 500 units of each part of the dish; using 3M "Double Sided Adhesive
                                            ("DSA") ring" to bond coverslip; 25 Sleeves of 20 polystyrene (PS) dishes/lids,
                                            500 DSA rings, 500 coverslips, a coverslip tweezer and a pair of rubbegloves.         

*  With the WillCo-dish®KIT dishes, you need the "ASSEMBLY DEVICE" Series DEV-3512, to bond the coverslip
   "Safe, Easy, Accurately and Quick". With the "kit", a 'Do-It-Yourself' WillCo-dish®, you also save a lot of money!

If you have just any questions and/or remarks, concerning your packaging, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your WillCo-dish®Service Team.

For this WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dish, Type/Ref. 'Series HBSB-3522' (Black dish & lid), we use diameter 31.4 mm. glass, from Gerhard Menzel GmbH. (Menzel-Gläser). To find more specifications of the borosilicate D-263 M glass we use, you are most welcome to visit their web site < www.menzel.de >. Look for coverslips and technical information, to find all applicable information on the 'glass bottom' of our WillCo-dish® Glass Bottom dishes.

Thicknesses we use:

Class #1.0:  everage of 140 micron (130 - 160 micron).
Flatness (ar) 0.01 mm.


Class #1.5:  everage of 170 micron (160 - 190 micron).
Class #1.5:  170 micron +/- 5 micron  (Specially selected glass).
Both have flatness (ar) 0.01 mm., as well as (ar) 0.005 mm.

Your WillCo Wells B.V. 'Customer Service-Team'



The way the word 'flatness' is used, when discussing glass bottom dishes, there are two definitions of 'flatness'.

In the first place, there is the flatness of the glass coverslip bottom of the dish, when we talk about the glass coverslip being positioned in the dish as such, that it is absolutely horizontal on - and flush with, the warming stage.

Glass coverslip horizontal:
Positioned flat or horizontal means, that the light of the microscope passes the glass bottom orthogonally (very important) and that your cells stay in focus, when you move the stage, to another position (E.g. but not limited too: Time Laps Microscopy).

Glass coverslip 'flush', with the stage:
When the glass coverslip is flush with the stage, it means that there is no air-buffer, between the glass and the warming stage. The WillCo-dish® design, was - and is, the first dish to have this exceptional design. This feature too is very important, because it ensures an even distribution of the heat, from the warming stage to the media/liquid, inside the dish. All cells will be evenly heated, which is essential for the well being of your precious cells and the success of your work!

Note: If this is not the case, if there is an air-buffer between the warming stage and the bottom of the glass coverslip, an uneven distribution of the temperature to your cells, will shorten the life of your cells and dramatically influence the results of your work.

Coverslip roughness:
Secondly, when discussing 'flatness' of the glass coverslip, we mean the surface flatness (ar) or roughness of the surface of the glass. We offer two specifications; surface flatness ar 0.01 mm. (standard) and ar 0.005 mm. (This 0.005 mm. flatness, is specially selected glass, as is thickness 170 micron glass +/- 5 micron).

Your WillCo Wells B.V. 'Customer Service-Team'


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